“Listen 2 Our Teens” is Now Viewable

“Listen 2 Our Teens” is Now Viewable Online

Thank you for all of the support you’ve shown for Samuel’s first episode of the “Listen 2 Our Teens” (L2OT) television show.  As you may remember, L2OT is a television show that is produced by Deborah Gant, and it is the birth-child of her non-profit organization, Focus on Natural Health Education & Community Development Inc.  Samuel, our son, was given the opportunity to be a cohost on L2OT, so we invited some friends and family from different faiths and backgrounds to be a part of the 30 minute show.  The overall support was tremendous.  Since then, even more friends have joined in and an entire 4 show series has been created and is now available to be viewed on YouTube.  

L2OT is an inspirational program that was developed to assist our youth with achieving their dreams while curtailing violence and other challenges that exists in their environments.  It targets teenagers (13 to 19 years of age), but it can be beneficial to any age group.   This 30-minute program provides practical character building lessons that are based on positive decision making.  L2OT airs weekly on PEG-TV Channel 18 COMCAST in Jackson, Mississippi on Thursdays at 4:30 pm and Fridays at
7:30 pm locally.

We are very proud of Samuel Richardson (Columbus, MS),  Morgan Jones (Columbus, MS), Solomon Hill (Columbus, MS), Diamond Fisher (Columbus, MS), Meyona Poe (West Point, MS), James Davis (Huntsville, AL), Jeremiah Davis (Huntsville, AL), Janelle Davis (Huntsville, AL), Andrew Bishop (Columbus, MS), and Columbus High School’s 2017 Valedictorian, Jaylon Lenoir (West Point, MS) for volunteering their time to such a worthy cause.  Each of these participants and their parents made sacrifices to contribute to this non-profit project and we are very grateful.

We also want to thank Christopher Richardson (Columbus, MS) and Pastor Marshall Johnson (Columbus, MS) for their participation.  Pastor Johnson will appear in a later show.  For more information please visit www.shondolyn.com/Listen2OurTeens

Jesus Crave

Several teens that made appearances on L2OT also sing in the Jesus Crave mass youth choir.  The director of Jesus Crave is Corey Bean, and all of the teenagers adore him.  He has made major sacrifices to make sure that teens can be active participants in church, develop their worship experience, and that they create great memories and friendships for years to come.  Jesus Crave is the mass youth choir of the South Central Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its members come from Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and the portion of Florida lying west of the Apalachicola River.

Samuel Richardson, Jeremiah Davis, Janelle Davis, and James Davis were among the members of Jesus Crave that traveled to Nashville, TN to sing during the worship service and F.H. Jenkins benefit concert that was held at Riverside SDA Church.  I have attached a few videos from that day.

Jesus Crave – We Offer Praise
Jesus Crave – Jesus Will
Jesus Crave – He Will Supply
Jesus Crave – The Blood Still Works

“The Price Of Love”

Gwen Reavers, the Women’s Ministry Leader at Ephesus SDA Church in Birmingham, Alabama, recently held a Women’s Ministry Brunch. The former Birmingham (AL) Chief of Police, Annetta Nunn, was one of the guest speakers, and she did an excellent job.  Annetta Nunn spoke on Domestic Violence and presented an original video called “The Price of Love”.  She presently serves as a Court Advocate for the YWCA of Central Alabama and created this anti-violence video to encourage people to think before they act.  It is a rebuttal for the video “Bust Your Windows” that was originally created by Jazmine Sullivan.  If you take the time to watch “The Price of Love”, you will not be disappointed.

The Price of Love

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