Sounds of Praize Celebrated Their Anniversary (over 10 years)

April 26 , 2011

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of they children. Isaiah 54:13

This is a verse that we will always remember because of an AYS program that we attended over a year ago. During that particular program, the Adventist Youth Society gave a presentation concerning the importance of family worship. Several families shared why they are committed to beginning each day with family worship and how that routine was actually passed down to them by their parents. A couple of the college students said that even though they are no longer with their families on a daily basis, they still try to find some time during the day for personal worship.

One of the families that shared on that day was the Monette family. They have been having family worship for years and it shows. Whenever, we run across them at church, you can sense that they have a genuine love for the Lord and for people. On a typically morning, their worship includes a combination of scripture, song, and prayer. One of the things that they said that stuck with us, as parents, was that they always end worship with Isaiah 54:13. Shortly after that AYS program we developed our own family worship routine, and we decided to end it with Isaiah 54:13.

I want to share with you a clip of the Monette family singing “Lord I’m Available to You.” As you can tell, all of those years of singing has definitely paid off.

The Monette Family Video

Ephesus Community Service Video

Last year, I shared with you that our family assisted with feeding the homeless for the first time. Recently, Mr. Woodrow Cook, Jr. created a video on behalf of the Ephesus SDA Church Community Service Department. I feel as if this video did a wonderful job of demonstrating how much the community appreciates the efforts of the church and how much the church loves helping the community. I have seen many videos that give a false impression of how well things are run, but I can honestly say that this one is very accurate. I have seen them have this much fun firsthand while providing community service and it is definitely well run.

Ephesus SDA Community Service Video

Sounds of Praize

As you know, Sounds of Praize celebrated their anniversary (over 10 years) in February by giving a free concert in Hueytown, Alabama. Initially, there were about 3 videos put on You Tube and it seemed as if many of you really enjoyed
them, so now there are three additional videos online. Be sure to view “Lift Every Voice and Sing” arranged by Roland Carter. We appreciate the efforts of Wendell Timothy for taking time out of his busy schedule to make sure that these memories were recorded.

Sounds of Praize Videos and Page

Pastor Alex Horton

Many of you are aware that my family and I are members of Ephesus SDA Church in Birmingham, Alabama. So, I am excited to share a few sermon clips from my pastor, Pastor Alex Horton.

A Good Leader (video clip)
Valleys (video clip)
Forgiveness of Sin (video clip)

Shondolyn’s Video Clips

Here are two old video clips from Shondolyn’s debut of her CD. Unfortunately, the music skipped a couple of times during “I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy”, but she stuck with it. “If I Would Trust God” is a song that she wrote and this was her first time singing it publicly.

If I Would Trust God (video clip)
I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy (video clip)

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